Publications 1997

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 1997

A. Scaloni, L.Camoni, D. di Giorgio, M. Scortichini, R.Cozzolino, A Ballio
A new syringopeptin produced by a Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae strain isolated from diseased twigs of laurel

Wilding, M. and Kyozuka, K. and Russo, G.L. and Tosti, E. and Dale, B.
A soluble extract from human spermatozoa activates ascidian oocytes

Pizzano, R; Nicolai, MA; Addeo, F
Antigenicity of the 139-149 alpha(s1)-casein region in different species revealed by ELISA and immunoblotting using antipeptide antibodies

Russo, G.L., Della Pietra, V., Mercurio, C., Della Ragione, F., Marshak, D.R., Oliva, A., and Zappia, V.
Down-regulation of protein kinase CKII activity by sodium butyrate

R. Cozzolino, O. Belgacem, T. Drewello, L. Kasemberg, R. Herzschuh, S. Suslov, O.V. Boltalina
Laser desorption/ionization of fluorinated fullerenes

Elenco Contributi in volume anno 1997

V.Carbone, G. Pocsfalvi, N. Sannolo and A. Malorni
Reactivity of antineoplastic drugs with model peptides studied by advanced mass spectrometry methodologies