Publications 2001

Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2001

Basile A, Ferranti P, Pocsfalvi G, Mamone G, Miraglia N, Caira S, Ambrosi L, Soleo L, Sannolo N, Malorni A.
A novel approach for identification and measurement of hemoglobin adducts with 1,2,3,4-diepoxybutane by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation tandem mass spectrometry.

Strazzullo P, Iacone R, Siani A, Barba G, Russo O, Russo P, D’Elia L, Farinaro E, Cappuccio FP
Altered renal sodium handling and hypertension in men carrying the glucagon receptor gene (gly40ser) variant.

Strazzullo P, Barba G, Cappuccio FP, Siani A, Trevisan M, Farinaro E, Pagano E, Barbato A, Iacone R, Galletti F.
Altered renal sodium handling in men with abdominal adiposity: a link to hypertension

Tedesco I, Russo GL, Nazzaro F, Russo M. and Palumbo R
Antioxidant effect of red wine anthocyanins in normal and catalase -inactive human erythrocytes. 

Amoresano A, Orrù S, Siciliano RA, De Luca E, Napoleoni R, Sirna A, Pucci P.
Assignment of the complete disulphide bridge pattern in the human recombinant follitropin beta-chain.

Giacco R., Brighenti F., Parillo M., Capuano M., Ciardullo A.V., Rivieccio A., Rivellese A.A. and Riccardi G.
Characteristics of some wheat-based foods of the Italian Diet in relation to their influence on postprandial glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetic patients.

Ottavini D, Bacchiocchi I , Masini L , Carraturo A, Russo GL, Giammarioli M. and Sbaraglia G.
Correlation between medium acidification and pathogenicity in environmental halophilic non-cholera Vibrios

Ishioka GY, Fikes J, Qin M, Gianfrani C, Chesnut RW, Kahn LE, Streeter PR, Woulfe SL, Sette A.
Dendritic cells generated in vivo by a chimeric hematopoietic growth factor, progenipoietin-4, demonstrate potent immunological function.

Iacoviello L, Arnout J, Buntinx F, Cappuccio FP, Dagnelie PC, de Lorgeril M, Dirckx C, Donati MB, Krogh V, Siani A; European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project
Dietary habit profile in European communities with different risk of myocardial infarction: the impact of migration as a model of gene-environment interaction. The IMMIDIET Study

Saviano M , Benedetti E., di Blasio B. , Gavuzzo E., Fierro O, Pedone C., Iacovino R., Rizzarelli E., Vecchio G.,
Difunctionalized b-cyclodextrins: synthesis and X-ray diffraction structure of 6I,6II-dideoxy-6I,6II-bis[2-(2-pyridyl)ethylamino]-b-cyclomaltoheptaose

Russo, P Tedesco, I Russo M , Russo GL , Venezia A. and Cicala C
Effects of de-alcoholated red wine and its phenolic fractions on platelet aggregation.

A. Siani, R. Iacone, O. Russo, G. Barba, P. Russo, F. P. Cappuccio, F. Galletti, P. Strazzullo
Gly40Ser Polymorphism of the Glucagon Receptor Gene Is Associated with Central Adiposity in Men

Clemente G., Giacco R., Lasorella G., Coppola S., Trapanese E, Torre P. and Greco L.
Homemade Gluten-Free Pasta is as well or better digested than Gluten-containing Pasta.

Facchiano, Angelo M.; Stiuso, Paola; Chiusano, Maria Luisa; Caraglia, Michèle; Giuberti, Gaia; Marra, Monica; Abbruzzese, Alberto; Colonna, Giovanni Maria
Homology modelling of the human eukaryotic initiation factor 5A (eIF-5A)

R.Cozzolino, S.Passalacqua, S.Salemi, P.Malvagna, E.Spina and D.Garozzo
Identification of adulteration in milk by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

V. Carbone; A.M. Salzano; L. Pagano; S. Buffardi; C. De Rosa; P. Pucci
Identification of Hb Villejuif [Beta 123 (H1) Thr->Ile] in Southern Italy

R.Coppola; F.Nazzaro; B.Giagnacovo; M.Iorizzo; B. De Giulio; L.Maurelli;, L.Grazia.
Influenza di un ceppo selezionato di L.sakei su alcuni parametri microbiologici e chimici di salame tipo soppressata molisana

Maurano F; Siciliano RA; De Giulio B; Luongo D; Mazzeo MF; Troncone R; Auricchio S; Rossi M.
Intranasal administration of one alpha gliadin can downregulate the immune response to whole gliadin in mice.

Superti F; Siciliano R; Rega B; Giansanti F; Valenti P; Antonini G.
Involvement of bovine lactoferrin metal saturation, sialic acid and protein fragments in the inhibition of rotavirus infection.

Seganti L., Di Biase A. M., Rega B., De Giulio B., Nicoletti M., Antonini G. and Valenti P.
Involvement of bovine lactoferrin moieties in the inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 1 infection

Salvati VM, Bajaj-Elliott M, Poulsom R, Mazzarella G, Lundin KE, Nilsen EM, Troncone R, MacDonald TT
Keratinocyte growth factor and coeliac disease.

Miraglia N, Pocsfalvi G, Ferranti P, Basile A, Sannolo N, Acampora A, Soleo L, Palmieri F, Caira S, De Giulio B, Malorni A.
Mass spectrometric identification of a candidate biomarker peptide from the in vitro interaction of epichlorohydrin with red blood cells.

Lilla, S., Caira, S., Ferranti, P, Addeo, F.,
Mass spectrometry characterisation of proteins in rennet and in chymosin-based milk-clotting preparations

Ferranti Pasquale, Pizzano Rosa, Garro Giuseppina, Caira Simonetta, Chianese Lina, Addeo Francesco
Mass spectrometry-based procedure for the identification of ovine casein heterogeneity

Cozzolino R, Di Giorgi S, Fisichella S, Garozzo D, Lafiandra D, Palermo A.
Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometric peptide mapping of high molecular weight glutenin subunits 1Bx7 and 1Dy10 in Cheyenne cultivar

Russo GL , van den Bos C and Marshak DR.
Mutation at the CK2 phosphorylation site on Cdc28 affects kinase activity and cell size in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mariarosaria Santillo, Paolo Mondola, Rosalba Serù, Tiziana Annella, Silvana Cassano, Ilaria Ciullo, Mario F. Tecce, Giuseppe Iacomino, Simona Damiano, Giovanni Cuda, Roberto Paternò, Valeria Martignetti, Evelina Mele, Antonio Feliciello, and Enrico V. Av
Opposing functions of Ki- and Ha-Ras genes in the regulation of redox signals

Palumbo, A. Napoletano, A. Carraturo, G. L. Russo, and M. d’Ischia
Oxidative conversion of 6-nitrocatecholamines to nitrosating products: a possible contributory factor in nitric oxide and catecholamine neurotoxicity associated with oxidative stress and acidosis.

Strazzullo P, Barba G, Vuotto P, Farinaro E, Siani A, Nunziata V, Galletti F, Mancini M, Cappuccio FP.
Past history of nephrolithiasis and incidence of hypertension in men: a reappraisal based on the results of the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study.

Ferranti, Pasquale; Facchiano, Angelo M.; Zappacosta, Francesca; Vincenti, Donatella; Rullo, Rosario; Másala, Bruno; Di Luccia, Aldo
Primary structure of ?-globin chains from river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis L.) hemoglobins

Cozzolino R; Di Giorgi S; Fisichella S; Garozzo D; Lafiandra D; Palermo A
Proteomics of gluten: mapping of subunit 1 Ax2* in Cheyenne cultivar by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization.

Strazzullo P, Iacone R, Siani A, Cappuccio FP, Russo O, Barba G, Barbato A, DElia L, Trevisan M, Farinaro E
Relationship of the Trp64Arg polymorphism of the beta3-adrenoceptor gene to central adiposity and high blood pressure: interaction with age. Cross-sectional and longitudinal findings of the Olivetti Prospective Heart Study

Barba G, Siani A, Pagano E, Galletti F, Clemente G, Strazzullo P
Role of diet and lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: knowledge and attitude of physicians and patients in Southern Italy

Barba G, Siani A, Pagano E, Galletti F, Clemente G, Strazzullo P.
Role of diet and lifestyle in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: knowledge and attitudes of physicians and patients in Southern Italy.

P. Montoro; V. Carbone; F. De Simone; C. Pizza; N. De Tommasi;
Studies on the constituent of Cyclanthera pedata fruits: isolation and structure elucidation of new flavonoid glycosides and their antioxidant activity

Barba G, Giacco R, Clemente G, Venezia A, Russo P, Grimaldi C, Siani A.
The BRAVO project: screening for childhood obesity in a primary school setting

Cacace M.G., Sada A., Dèr A., Ramsden J.J.
The effect of Hofmeister salts in molecular recognition

Iacomino G, Tecce MF, Grimaldi C, Tosto M, Russo GL.
Transcriptional response of a human colon adenocarcinoma cell line to sodium butyrate

Elenco Contributi in volume anno 2001

Pizzano Rosa; Nicolai Maria Adalgisa; Chianese Lina; Addeo Francesco
Detection of plasmin-mediated beta-casein hydrolysis in milk and cheese through immunochemical techniques

Giacco R.
Dieta e Diabete

Nazzaro, F., Maurelli, L., Tedesco,I. , De Giulio, B., Nappo, A.,Barone,C., De Rosa,M.
Evaluation of the antioxidant activity and ascorbic acid content during the RT storage of apple subjected to combined preservation technologies

Nazzaro F.; Sorrentino A.; Malinconico M.; Orlando P.
In vitro studies on some probiotic properties of immobilsed lactic acid bacteria after freezing and freeze-drying

Cacace M.G., Sada A., Pallini R., Dèr A. Cacace M.G., Sada A., Pallini R. & Dér A.
The effect of small molecules and cosolutes in biological recognition

Elenco Contributi in atti di convegno anno 2001

Weisz, A., Cicatiello, L., Caporali, S., Imai, M., Caristi, S., Cancemi, M., Matarese, F., Altucci, L., Facchiano, A., Calogero, R. and Bresciani, F.
A genomic view of estrogen actions in hormone-responsive cancer cells. 

Addeo F., Di Stasio M. , Meccariello C., Vacca P., Volpe M.G.
A Preliminary Study of Chemical Physic and Structural Properties of Some “Ancient” Flours.

De Giulio B., Maurelli L., De Rosa M., Orlando P. and Nazzaro F.
Action of different agents on the functional properties of some microorganisms subjected to different forms of thermal stress

A. Scognamiglio, I. Tedesco, P. Russo, A. Nappo, M. Russo, GL. Russo, R. Palumbo
Antioxidant properties of south italian red wines: a comparative study of their biological effects

A. Scognamiglio, I. Tedesco, A. Nappo, P. Russo, M. Russo, GL Russo, R. Palumbo
Biological properties of southern italian red wines in different cellular models

Addeo F., Di Stasio M., Meccariello C., Vacca P., Volpe M.G.
Caratterizzazione chimico-fisica e strutturale di alcune varietà italiane “antiche e recenti” di frumento tenero.

Civilità del pane

G. Pocsfalvi, V. Carbone, P. Iannece, A. M. Salzano and A. Malorni
Collision-Induced Dissociation of Intact alpha- and beta-Hemoglobin Chains Using a High-Resolution Hybrid Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

Facchiano A.M., Ammirato G., Chiusano M.L., Colonna G.
Computational analysis of amino acid helix-propensity

A. Mupo, M. Russo, G. Iacomino, K. Raieta, C. Grimaldi, E. De Nisco, R. Palumbo, GL Russo
Effect of quercetin on a malignant cell line resistant to CD95-mediated apoptosis

Cicatiello L., Facchiano A., Calogero R., De Bortoli M., Bresciani F., Weisz A.
Gene expression monitoring in hormone-responsive human breast cancer cells during estrogen-induced cell cycle progression.

Weisz, A., Cicatiello, L., Bresciani, F., Facchiano, A., Calogero, R., Iazzetti, G., Sfiligoi, C., De Bortoli, M. and Sismondi, P.
Gene expression profiling of human breast cancer ZR-75.1 cell response to estrogen. 

Facchiano A., Weisz A.
Internet tools for the Analysis of Gene Expression by Data Bases Integration

V. Carbone, P. Montoro, N. De Tommasi, C. Pizza
Liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry analysis of flavonoids from Cyclanthera pedata fruits

P. Montoro, V. Carbone, F. De Simone, C. Pizza
Liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry identification of phytochemical constituents in extracts of Uncaria tomentosa

Nuove colture starter per il pane della tradizione

Mazzeo M.F.
Nuove metodologie di spettrometria di massa per lo studio strutturale di una gliadina ricombinante: identificazione di peptidi immunogenici coinvolti nella malattia celiaca

M. Russo, A. Mupo, G. Iacomino, I. Tedesco, K. Raieta, R. Palumbo, G.L. Russo
Proapoptotic effects of quercetin, a natural flavonoid, on ras-transformed CACO-2 cell line

Tedesco I., Scognamiglio A., Nappo A., Russo P., Russo G.L., Russo M., Palumbo R.
Proprietà antiossidanti dei vini rossi dell’ Italia meridionale: studio comparativo dei loro effetti biologici

I. Tedesco, A. Scognamiglio, A. Nappo, P. Russo, G.L. Russo, M. Russo, R. Palumbo
Proprietà antiossidanti dei vini rossi dell’Italia meridionale: studio comparativo dei loro effetti biologici

I. Tedesco, A. Nappo, F. Nazzaro, A. Scognamiglio, M. Russo, GL. Russo R. Palumbo
Protective effect of red wine anthocyanins in human erythrocytes

M. Russo, R. Palumbo, A. Scognamiglio, M. Tosto, G. Iacomino, P. Russo G.L. Russo
Quercetin sensitizes HPB-ALL cell line to CD95-induced apoptosis

Facchiano A., Weisz A
Studio mediante DNA-microarray dei profili di espressione genica in cellule di carcinoma mammario trattate con estrogeni

A. d’Acierno
Training On-Line Radial Basis Function Networks on a MIMD Parallel Computer

Valutazione della “qualità percepita” dal consumatore mediante analisi sensoriale

Tedesco I., Scognamiglio A., Nappo A., Russo M., Russo G.L., Russo P., Palumbo R.
Vini rossi dell’Italia Meridionale: studio comparativo degli effetti biologici in modelli cellulari umani

I. Tedesco, A. Scognamiglio, A. Nappo, M. Russo, G. L. Russo, P. Russo, R. Palumbo
Vini rossi dell’Italia meridionale: studio comparativo degli effetti biologici in modelli cellulari umani

Addeo F., Di Stasio M., Meccariello C. , Vacca P. , Volpe M.G.
Volpe Caratterizzazione chimico-fisica e strutturale di alcune varietà italiane

Elenco Brevetti anno 2001

Sergio Lilla, Pasquale Ferranti, Antonio Malorni, Francesco Addeo
Procedimento per la caratterizzazione delle proteine nel caglio e nelle preparazioni a abase di chimosina

Elenco Report e working Paper anno 2001

Barba Gianvincenzo