Daniela Evangelista

Name: Daniela
Surname: Evangelista
Skill: Researcher
Phone: (Office) +39 0825 299 410
Phone: (Lab) +39 0825 299 410
Fax: +39 0825 299 641
e-mail: daniela.evangelista@isa.cnr.it


CNR People WEB Site:  http://www.cnr.it/people/danielaevangelista
Keywords: Bioinformatics, Clinical Data Mining, Health, Web resource, Machine Learning
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Researcher Activities


Daniela Evangelista achieved a degree with honors in Computer Science at University of Naples “Federico II” and a PhD in Computational Biology at University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”.
She took up her activity at the CNR on 2011, firstly at the Institute for Computation Applications (CNR/IAC) of Naples by working on the implementation of statistical methods for the analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. Then, in collaboration with Oncology Research Center of Mercogliano (CROM) – (Avellino), she worked on a development of an automatic decision support system for identifying the diagnosis and prognosis of oncological and chronic metabolic diseases.Afterwards, with Post-doctoral fellowships, at the Institute for High Performance Computing and Networking (CNR-ICAR) of Naples, she worked on designing and developing of (web and stand-alone) software tools, as well as, databases for the collection, integration and analysis of omics (DNA-seq, RNA-seq), clinical and experimental data. Since 2022 she is a Research Scientist at the Institute of Food Science (CNR/ISA) hosted in Avellino and she deals with development and application of bioinformatics software tools for the study of food-related diseases and on their data-analysis by using Machine Learning methods.

Key Publications

  • G Felici, KP Tripathi, D Evangelista, MR Guarracino
    A mixed integer programming-based global optimization framework for analyzing gene expression data, Journal of Global Optimization 69 (3), 727-744
  • D Evangelista, KP Tripathi, MR Guarracino
    An Atlas of annotations of Hydra vulgaris transcriptome, BMC bioinformatics 17 (11), 53-59
  • D Evangelista, M Avino, P Tripathi, Kumar, MR Guarracino
    A Web Resource on Skeletal Muscle Transcriptome of Primates, Springer International Publishing 9874, pp.273-284
  • D Evangelista, A Zuccaro, A Lančinskas, J Žilinskas, MR Guarracino
    A web-oriented software for the optimization of pooled experiments in NGS for detection of rare mutations, BMC Research Notes 9 (1), 1
  • D Evangelista, M Piccirillo, T Ricciardelli, M D’Aiuto, MR Guarracino
    A predictive model for surgical planning in breast cancer treatment, 4th International Conference, IWBBIO 2016, Granada, Spain, pp. 454-462
  • D Evangelista*, A Zuccaro, MR Guarracino (*Authors contributed equally)
    Transcriptator: an automated computational pipeline to annotate assembled reads and identify non coding RNA KP., Tripathi*, Plos One 10 (11), e0140268
  • D Evangelista, KP Tripathi, V Scuotto, MR Guarracino
    Hvdbase: A web resource on hydra vulgaris transcriptome, International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering, 355-362
  • M Scarpato*, R Esposito*, D Evangelista*, M Aprile, MR Ambrosio, Claudia Angelini, Alfredo Ciccodicola, Valerio Costa (*Authors contributed equally)
    AnaLysis of Expression on human chromosome 21, ALE-HSA21: a pilot integrated web resource, Database 2014
  • D Evangelista, G Colonna, M Miele, F Cutugno, G Castello, S Desantis, S Costantini
    CDMS (Clinical Data Mining Software): a cytokinome data mining system for a predictive medicine of chronic inflammatory diseases, Protein Engineering, Design & Selection 23 (12), 899-902