Mauro Rossi

Name: Mauro
Surname: Rossi
Skill: Research Director
Phone: (Office) +39 0825 299 371
Phone: (Lab) +39 0825 299 371
Fax: +39 0825 299 641
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Keywords: gluten, probiotics, functional food, mucosal immunology
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Researcher Activities


My recent research has been focused on the mechanisms of tolerance to food antigens and on the development of microbiological and enzymatic strategies to down-regulate the intestinal hypersensitivity to wheat gluten. I am also involved in basic and applied research on probiotics. My best finding is the possibility of carrying out an enzymatic treatment on wheat flour/semolina to detoxify the gluten for people affected by Coeliac Disease. The methodology developed is the subject of an international patent application that was granted in EU, Canada and USA.

Statements by Ajinomoto and Dr. Rossi on Celiac Disease and tTG:
Expertise in Glutens:

Key Publications

  • Rossi M, Maiuri L, Fusco MI, Salvati VM, Fuccio A, Auricchio S, Mantei N, Zecca L, Gloor SM,
    Semenza G. Lactase persistence versus decline in human adults: multifactorial events are involved
    in down regulation after weaning. Gastroenterology 1997; 112: 1506-1514.
  • Harvey CB, Hollox EJ, Poulter M, Wang Y, Rossi M, Auricchio S, Iqbal TH, Cooper B, Barton R,
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    the lactase persistence/non-persitence polymorphism. Annals of Human Genetics 1998; 62: 215-223.
  • Senger S, Maurano F, Mazzeo MF, Gaita M, Fierro O, David CS, Troncone R, Auricchio S, Siciliano
    RA, Rossi M. Identification of immunodominant epitopes of alpha-gliadin in HLA-DQ8 tg mice
    following oral immunisation. Journal of Immunology, 2005; 175: 8087-8095.
  • Bergamo P, Luongo D, Maurano F, Mazzarella G, Stefanile R, Rossi M. Conjugated linoleic acid
    enhances glutathione synthesis and attenuates pathological signs in MRL/MpJ-Fas(lpr) mice. Journal
    of Lipid Research 2006 Nov;47(11):2382-91.
  • Gianfrani C, Siciliano RA, Facchiano AM, Camarca A, Mazzeo MF, Costantini S, Salvati VM,
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    response to gliadin in vitro, Gastroenterology 2007;133:780–789.
  • Luongo D, Miyamoto J, Bergamo P, Nazzaro F, Baruzzi F, Sashihara T, Tanabe S, Rossi M.
    Differential modulation of innate immunity in vitro by probiotic strains of Lactobacillus gasseri.
    BMC Microbiology, 2013 Dec 23;13(1):298.
  • Mazzarella G, Bergamo P, Maurano F, Luongo D, Aufiero VR,Bozzella G, Palmieri G, Troncone R,
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    treated HLA-DQ8 transgenic mice. American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal Liver
    Physiology. 2014 Aug 1;307(3):G302-12.
  • Treppiccione L, Ottombrino A, Luongo D, Maurano F, Manteca Á, Lombó F, Rossi M. Development
    of gluten with immunomodulatory properties using mTG-active food grade supernatants from
    Streptomyces mobaraensis cultures. Journal of Functional Foods, 2017; 34:390-397.
  • Rossi S, Giordano D, Mazzeo MF, Maurano F, Luongo D, Facchiano A, Siciliano RA, Rossi M.
    Transamidation down-regulates intestinal immunity of recombinant a-gliadin in HLA-DQ8
    transgenic mice. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2021, 22, 7019.

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