Olga Fierro


Direct: +39 0825 299107
Lab: +39 0825 299171
FAX: +39 0825 781585
Email: olga.fierro@isa.cnr.it

Short CV

Research Interests

Research activity of Dr. Fierro is mainly focused on the study of new methodologies for the synthesis and chemical characterization of molecules with biological activity and of peptidomimetics for their potential pharmacological and food applications. In particular research lines are:

  • synthesis and characterization of bioactive metabolites;
  • synthesis and characterization of  unnatural aminoacids like those of  b-aminoacids family H2N-CH(R)-CH(R’)-CO2H, [b R=H, b3 R’=H and a,b-disubstituted] in diastereomeric and enantiomeric pure form; these residues may be new molecular tools having stabilizing properties of the peptide sequence;
  • incorporation of non-natural aminoacids via solid phase synthesis in analogous of bioactive peptides and investigation of the consequent biological properties;
  • stability of dipeptides containing b-homologous to enzymatic degradation;
  • peptide and peptidomimetics labelling; protein carrier conjugation of antigenic peptides;
  • synthesis strategies for the preparation of multiple antigenic peptides MAPs that can be utilized for antibodies production in host animals.


Key Publications

Picariello G., Iacomino G., Mamone, G., Ferranti P., Fierro O., Gianfrani C., Di Luccia A., Addeo F.: “Transport across Caco-2 monolayers of peptides arising from in vitro digestion of bovine milk proteins”; Food Chemistry, 139, 1-4, 2013, 203-212.


Picariello G., Sacchi R., Fierro O., Melck D., Romano R., Paduano A., Motta A., Addeo F.: “High resolution C-13 NMR detection of short- and medium-chain synthetic triacylglycerols used in butterfat adulteration”; European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 115, 8, 2013, 858-864.


Iacomino G., Fierro O., D’Auria S., Picariello G., Ferranti P., Liguori C., Addeo F., Mamone G.: “Structural analysis and caco-2 cell permeability of the celiac-toxic a-gliadin peptide 31-55”, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61, 5, 2013, 1088-1096.


De Laurentiis A., Gaspari M., Palmieri C., Falcone C., Iaccino E., Fiume G., Massa O., Masullo M., Tuccillo F.M., Roveda L., Prati U., Fierro O., et al.: “Mass spectrometry-based identification of the tumor antigen UN1 as the transmembrane CD43 sialoglycoprotein”, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 10, 5, 2011, Special Issue.


Pinto G., Caira S., Cuollo M., Lilla, S., Fierro O., Addeo F.: “Hydroxyapatite as a concentrating probe for phosphoproteomic analyses”, Journal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 878, 28, 2010, 2669-2678.

Palmieri C., Falcone C., Iaccino E., Tuccillo F.M., Gaspari M., Trimboli F., De Laurentiis A., Luberto L., Pontoriero M., Pisano A., Vecchio E., Fierro O., et al.: “In vivo targeting and growth inhibition of the A20 murine B-cell lymphoma by an idiotype-specific peptide binder”, Blood, 116, 2, 2010, 226-238.


Cuollo M., Caira S., Fierro O., Pinto G., Picariello G., Addeo F.: “Toward milk speciation through the monitoring of casein proteotypic peptides”, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 24, 11, 2010, 1687-1696.


Picariello G., Ferranti P., Fierro O., Mamone G., Caira S., Di Luccia A., Monica S., Addeo F.: “Peptides surviving the simulated gastrointestinal digestion of milk proteins: biological and toxicological implications”, Journal of Chromatography B-Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 878, 3-4, 2009, 295-308.


Camarca A., Anderson R., Mamone G., Fierro O., Facchiano A., Costantini S., Zanzi D., Sidney J., Auricchio S., Sette A., Troncone R., Gianfrani C.: “Intestinal T cell responses to gluten peptides are largely heterogeneous: implications for a peptide-based therapy in celiac disease”, Journal of Immunology, 182, 7, 2009, 4158-4166.


Bolognese A., Fierro O., Guarino D.,  Longobardo L., Caputo, R.: “Chiral aminoalkyl cation equivalents – 1 – one-pot synthesis of orthogonally protected enantiopure S-(aminoalkyl)cysteine derivatives”, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 1, 2005, 169-173.


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