Tecnologie e modelli operativi per la gestione sostenibile dellafiliera alimentare attraverso la valorizzazione degli scarti biologici della produzione a scopi energetici, la riduzione degli sprechi alimentari del sistema distributivo e dei consumatori e il trattamento e la valorizzazione della frazione vdibile del rifiutosolido urbano

Project start/end dates: 2012 /2015

The project aims to improve the environmental, social and economicfood chain by enhancing the energy efficiency of biological waste production,waste reduction in the distribution system and consumers and the enhancement ofwaste residues as products for the livestock industry and agribusiness. The combination of theseobjectivesis pursued through an integrated approach, which starts a newconfiguration information about good edible – as to make easier the multiplicity ofuses inherent in the concept of enhancement, so the first objective of the project isestablishment of an ICT platform for the management of food resources and relevant scrapsand by-products. Secondly, for energetic exploitation of production wasteto implement in the specific context of olive, it pursues the realization of areactor for biomass and of an energy storage system for managing the intermittencyproduction of the reactor. The third objective is the reduction of waste, in respect of which itpursue actions to optimize inventory management of medium and largedistribution (shortening of storage and better addressing end of life), actions educational consumption of households (purchasing management and waste) and for the helpthe accommodation (waste management). Fourth objective is the organization ofcollection and implementation of systems for waste management, with particular attentionthe problem of unpacking. Fifth goal is the search for alternative uses forfoods at end of life, in particular as feed and fertilizers, to be considered as aenhancement of priority, in terms of added value, compared to that energy.

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