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Elenco Contributi in rivista anno 2014

Gogliettino M., Riccio A., Balestrieri M., Cocca E., Facchiano A., D’Arco T. M., Tesoro C., Rossi M., Palmieri G.
A novel class of bifunctional acylpeptide hydrolases

Giacco R.; Costabile G.; Della Pepa G.; Anniballi G.; Griffo E.; Mangione A.; Cipriano P.; Viscovo D.; Clemente G.; Landberg R.; Pacini G.; Rivellese A.A.; Riccardi G.
A whole-grain cereal-based diet lowers postprandial plasma insulin and triglyceride levels in individuals with metabolic syndrome

Fratianni, Florinda; Cardinale, Federica; Russo, Ida; Iuliano, Carmine; Tremonte, Patrizio; Coppola, Raffaele; Nazzaro, Filomena
Ability of synbiotic encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii to grow in berry juice and to survive under simulated gastrointestinal conditions

Tognon, G; Moreno, L A; Mouratidou, T; Veidebaum, T; Molnar, D; Russo, P; Siani, A; Akhandaf, Y; Krogh, V; Tornaritis, M; Bornhorst, C; Hebestreit, A; Pigeot, I; Lissner, L
Adherence to a Mediterranean-like dietary pattern in children from eight European countries. The IDEFICS study.

Kovacs, E; Siani, A; Konstabel, K; Hadjigeorgiou, C; de Bourdeaudhuij, I; Eiben, G; Lissner, L; Gwozdz, W; Reisch, L; Pala, V; Moreno, L A; Pigeot, I; Pohlabeln, H; Ahrens, W; Molnar, D
Adherence to the obesity-related lifestyle intervention targets in the IDEFICS study.

Ciarmiello L.F.; Mazzeo M.F.; Minasi P.; Peluso A.; De Luca A.; Piccirillo P.; Siciliano R.A.; Carbone V.
Analysis of different European hazelnut (corylus avellana L.) cultivars: Authentication, phenotypic features, and phenolic profiles

A. Carraturo, K. Raieta, I. Tedesco, J. Kim, and G.L. Russo
Antibacterial activity of phenolic compounds derived from Ginkgo biloba sarcotestas against food-borne pathogens

Zotta, Teresa; Ricciardi, Annamaria; Ianniello, Rocco Gerardo; Parente, Eugenio; Reale, Anna; Rossi, Franca; Iacumin, L.; Comi, Giuseppe; Coppola, R.
Assessment of aerobic and respiratory growth in the Lactobacillus casei group

Hebestreit A.; Bornhorst C.; Barba G.; Siani A.; Huybrechts I.; Tognon G.; Eiben G.; Moreno L.A.; Fernandez Alvira J.M.; Loit H.M.; Kovacs E.; Tornaritis M.; Krogh V.
Associations between energy intake, daily food intake and energy density of foods and BMI z-score in 2-9-year-old European children

De Henauw, S; Michels, N; Vyncke, K; Hebestreit, A; Russo, P; Intemann, T; Peplies, J; Fraterman, A; Eiben, G; de Lorgeril, M; Tornaritis, M; Molnar, D; Veidebaum, T; Ahrens, W; Moreno, L A
Blood lipids among young children in Europe: results from the European IDEFICS study.

Barba, G; Buck, C; Bammann, K; Hadjigeorgiou, C; Hebestreit, A; Marild, S; Molnar, D; Russo, P; Veidebaum, T; Vyncke, K; Ahrens, W; Moreno, L A
Blood pressure reference values for European non-overweight school children: the IDEFICS study.

Schlenz, H; Intemann, T; Wolters, M; Gonzalez-Gil, E M; Nappo, A; Fraterman, A; Veidebaum, T; Molnar, D; Tornaritis, M; Sioen, I; Marild, S; Iacoviello, L; Ahrens, W
C-reactive protein reference percentiles among pre-adolescent children in Europe based on the IDEFICS study population.

Mollica M.P.; Trinchese G.; Cavaliere G.; De Filippo C.; Cocca E.; Gaita M.; Della-Gatta A.; Marano A.; Mazzarella G.; Bergamo P.
C9, t11-Conjugated linoleic acid ameliorates steatosis by modulating mitochondrial uncoupling and Nrf2 pathway

Lamacchia, Carmela; Camarca, Alessandra; Picascia, Stefania; Di Luccia, Aldo; Gianfrani, Carmen
Cereal-Based Gluten-Free Food: How to Reconcile Nutritional and Technological Properties of Wheat Proteins with Safety for Celiac Disease Patients

Masías E, Picariello G, Acuña L, Chalón M, Sesma F, Morero R, Saavedra L, Minahk C
Co-expression and characterization of enterocin CRL35 and its mutant in Escherichia coli Rosetta

C. Spagnuolo, I. Tedesco, M.G. Volpe, S. Bilotto, M. Russo, G.L. Russo.
Cytotoxic Properties of Lyophilized Beers in a Malignant Cell Line

Pounis G.; de Lorgeril M.; Salen P.; Laporte F.; Krogh V.; Siani A.; Arnout J.; Cappuccio F.P.; van Dongen M.; Donati M.B.; de Gaetano G.; Iacoviello L. European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project.
Dietary patterns and fatty acids levels of three European populations. Results from the IMMIDIET study

Annuzzi G.; Bozzetto L.; Costabile G.; Giacco R.; Mangione A.; Anniballi G.; Vitale M.; Vetrani C.; Cipriano P.; Della Corte G.; Pasanisi F.; Riccardi G.; Rivellese A.A.
Diets naturally rich in polyphenols improve fasting and postprandial dyslipidemia and reduce oxidative stress: A randomized controlled trial

Hinkley, Trina; Verbestel, Vera; Ahrens, Wolfgang; Lissner, Lauren; Molnar, Denes; Moreno, Luis A.; Pigeot, Iris; Pohlabeln, Hermann; Reisch, Lucia A.; Russo, Paola; Veidebaum, Toomas; Tornaritis, Michael; Williams, Garrath; De Henauw, Stefaan; De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse
Early Childhood Electronic Media Use as a Predictor of Poorer Well-being A Prospective Cohort Study

Bammann K.; Peplies J.; De Henauw S.; Hunsberger M.; Molnar D.; Moreno L.A.; Tornaritis M.; Veidebaum T.; Ahrens W.; Siani A.
Early life course risk factors for childhood obesity: The IDEFICS case-control study

Floriana Boscaino, Valentina Acierno, Paola Saggese, Rosaria Cozzolino, Chiara Maria Motta and Alida Sorrentino
Effectiveness of vacuum devices for home storage of rainbow trouts from game fishing lakes

Aponte, Maria; Boscaino, Floriana; Sorrentino, Alida; Coppola, Raffaele; Masi, Paolo; Romano, Annalisa
Effects of fermentation and rye flour on microstructure and volatile compounds of chestnut flour based sourdoughs

Fratianni F.; Pepe S.; Cardinale F.; Granese T.; Cozzolino A.; Coppola R.; Nazzaro F.
Eruca sativa might influence the growth, survival under simulated gastrointestinal conditions and some biological features of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus rhamnosus strains

Svensson, A.; Larsson, C.; Eiben, G.; Lanfer, A.; Pala, V.; Hebestreit, A.; Huybrechts, I.; Fernandez-Alvira, J. M.; Russo, P.; Koni, A. C.; De Henauw, S.; Veidebaum, T.; Molnar, D.; Lissner, L.
European children’s sugar intake on weekdays versus weekends: the IDEFICS study.

Ricciardi, Annamaria; Parente, Eugenio; Tramutola, Antonella; Guidone, Angela; Ianniello, Rocco Gerardo; Pavlidis, Dimitrios; Tsakalidou, E.; Zotta, Teresa
Evaluation of a differential medium for the preliminary identification of members of the Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei groups

F. Boscaino, A. Sorrentino, E. Ionata, F. La Cara, M.G. Volpe.
Evaluation of autochthonous selected yeasts from grapes and cellar in winemaking of Aglianico vine

Pounis G.; Di Castelnuovo A.F.; de Lorgeril M.; Krogh V.; Siani A.; Arnout J.; Cappuccio F.P.; van Dongen M.; Zappacosta B.; Donati M.B.; de Gaetano G.; Iacoviello L.; Arnout J.; Buntinx F.; Dagnelie P.C.; Lorgeril M.; Sian A.; Dirckxc C.; Castelnuovo A.D.; Dongen M.; Bonanni A.; Rink P.; Vohnout B.; Zito F. European Collaborative Group of the IMMIDIET Project.
Folate intake and folate serum levels in men and women from two European populations: The IMMIDIET project

Pinto, Gabriella; Caira, Simonetta; Mamone, Gianfranco; Ferranti, Pasquale; Addeo, Francesco; Picariello, Gianluca
Fractionation of complex lipid mixtures by hydroxyapatite chromatography for lipidomic purposes

Guidone, Angela; Zotta, Teresa; Ross, Reynolds Paul; Stanton, Catherine S.; Rea, Mary C.; Parente, Eugenio; Ricciardi, Annamaria
Functional properties of Lactobacillus plantarum strains: A multivariate screening study

d’Acierno, Antonio; Facchiano, Angelo; Marabotti, Anna
GALT Protein Database: Querying Structural and Functional Features of GALT Enzyme

Mazzarella G.; Bergamo P.; Maurano F.; Luongo D.; Rotondi Aufiero V.; Bozzella G.; Palmieri G.; Troncone R.; Auricchio S.; David C.; Rossi M.
Gliadin intake alters the small intestinal mucosa in indomethacin-treated HLA-DQ8 transgenic mice

Bergamo P., Luongo D., Miyamoto J., Cocca E., Kishino S., Ogawa J., Tanabe S., Rossi M. (
Immunomodulatory activity of a gut microbial metabolite of dietary linoleic acid, 10-hydroxy-cis-12-octadecenoic acid, associated with improved antioxidant/detoxifying defences

Ferranti, Pasquale; Nitride, Chiara; Nicolai, Maria Adalgisa; Mamone, Gianfranco; Picariello, Gianluca; Bordoni, Alessandra; Valli, Veronica; Di Nunzio, Mattia; Babini, Elena; Marcolini, Elena; Capozzi, Francesco
In vitro digestion of Bresaola proteins and release of potential bioactive peptides

Luongo, D.; Russo, R.; Balestrieri, A.; Marzocco, S.; Bergamo, P.; Severino, L.
In vitro study of AFB(1) and AFM(1) effects on human lymphoblastoid Jurkat T-cell model

Priego, T.; Sanchez, J.; Pico, C.; Ahrens, W.; Bammann, K.; De Henauw, S.; Fraterman, A.; Iacoviello, L.; Lissner, L.; Molnar, D.; Moreno, L. A.; Siani, A.; Tornaritis, M.; Veidebaum, T.; Palou, A.
Influence of breastfeeding on blood-cell transcript-based biomarkers of health in children

Russo, Maria; Spagnuolo, Carmela; Bilotto, Stefania; Tedesco, Idolo; Maiani, Giuseppe; Russo, Gian Luigi
Inhibition of protein kinase CK2 by quercetin enhances CD95-mediated apoptosis in a human thymus-derived T cell line

Pizzano, Rosa; Salimei, Elisabetta
Isoelectric Focusing and ELISA for Detecting Adulteration of Donkey Milk with Cow Milk

Isolation and functional characterization of a novel gene coding for flavonoid 3′-hydroxylase from globe artichok

Succi M.; Sorrentino E.; Di Renzo T.; Tremonte P.; Reale A.; Tipaldi L.; Pannella G.; Russo A.; Coppola R.
Lactic acid bacteria in pharmaceutical formulations: Presence and viability of “healthy microorganisms”

Picariello Gianluca; Iacomino, Giuseppe; (*) Di Luccia Aldo; D’Agostino Luciano;
Mass spectrometry analysis of in vitro Nuclear Aggregates of Polyamines

Tognon G.; Hebestreit A.; Lanfer A.; Moreno L.A.; Pala V.; Siani A.; Tornaritis M.; De Henauw S.; Veidebaum T.; Molnar D.; Ahrens W.; Lissner L.
Mediterranean diet, overweight and body composition in children from eight European countries: Cross-sectional and prospective results from the IDEFICS study

Newman, Tiffanny N.; Liverani, Elisabetta; Ivanova, Elitza; Russo, Gian L.; Carpino, Nick; Ganea, Doina; Safadi, Fayez; Kunapuli, Satya P.; Tsygankov, Alexander Y.
Members of the novel UBASH3/STS/TULA family of cellular regulators suppress T-cell-driven inflammatory responses in vivo

Ricciardi, Annamaria; Castiglione Morelli, Maria Antonietta; Ianniello, Rocco Gerardo; Parente, Eugenio; Zotta, Teresa
Metabolic profiling and stress response of anaerobic and respiratory cultures of Lactobacillus plantarum C17 grown in a chemically defined medium

Ahrens, W; Moreno, L A; Marild, S; Molnar, D; Siani, A; De Henauw, S; Bohmann, J; Gunther, K; Hadjigeorgiou, C; Iacoviello, L; Lissner, L; Veidebaum, T; Pohlabeln, H; Pigeot, I
Metabolic syndrome in young children: definitions and results of the IDEFICS study.

Villegas JM, Picariello G, Mamone G, Espeche Turbay MB, Savoy de Giori G, Hebert EM
Milk-derived angiotensin-I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides generated by Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis CRL 581

Buonocore, Francesco; Randelli, Elisa; Trisolino, Pamela; Facchiano, Angelo M.; De Pascale, Donatella; Scapigliati, Giuseppe
Molecular characterization, gene structure and antibacterial activity of a g-type lysozyme from the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L.)

Papoutsou S.; Briassoulis G.; Wolters M.; Peplies J.; Iacoviello L.; Eiben G.; Veidebaum T.; Molnar D.; Russo P.; Michels N.; Moreno L.A.; Tornaritis M.
No breakfast at home: association with cardiovascular disease risk factors in childhood.

Giuseppe Iacomino, Gianluca Picariello, Ilaria Stillitano, Luciano D’Agostino
Nuclear Aggregates of Polyamines in a radiation-induced DNA damage model

Perillo B.; Santi A.D.; Cernera G.; Ombra M.N.; Castoria G.; Migliaccio A.
Nuclear receptor-induced transcription is driven by spatially and timely restricted waves of ROS: The role of Akt, IKK[alpha], and DNA damage repair enzymes

Konstabel, K; Veidebaum, T; Verbestel, V; Moreno, L A; Bammann, K; Tornaritis, M; Eiben, G; Molnar, D; Siani, A; Sprengeler, O; Wirsik, N; Ahrens, W; Pitsiladis, Y
Objectively measured physical activity in European children: the IDEFICS study.

Russo, Gian Luigi; Russo, Maria; Castellano, Immacolata; Napolitano, Alessandra; Palumbo, Anna
Ovothiol Isolated from Sea Urchin Oocytes Induces Autophagy in the Hep-G2 Cell Line

Nagy, P; Kovacs, E; Moreno, L A; Veidebaum, T; Tornaritis, M; Kourides, Y; Siani, A; Lauria, F; Sioen, I; Claessens, M; Marild, S; Lissner, L; Bammann, K; Intemann, T; Buck, C; Pigeot, I; Ahrens, W; Molnar, D
Percentile reference values for anthropometric body composition indices in European children from the IDEFICS study.

Peplies, J; Jimenez-Pavon, D; Savva, S C; Buck, C; Gunther, K; Fraterman, A; Russo, P; Iacoviello, L; Veidebaum, T; Tornaritis, M; De Henauw, S; Marild, S; Molnar, D; Moreno, L A; Ahrens, W
Percentiles of fasting serum insulin, glucose, HbA1c and HOMA-IR in pre-pubertal normal weight European children from the IDEFICS cohort.

Perillo B.; Di Santi A.; Cernera G.; Ombra M.N.; Castoria G.; Migliaccio A.
Phosphorylation of H3 serine 10 by IKK[alpha] governs cyclical production of ROS in estrogen-induced transcription and ensures DNA wholeness

Guidone, Angela; Parente, Eugenio; Zotta, Teresa; Guinane, Caitriona M.; Rea, Mary C.; Stanton, Catherine S.; Ross, Reynolds Paul; Ricciardi, Annamaria
Polymorphisms in stress response genes in Lactobacillus plantarum: implications for classification and heat stress response

Fratianni F.; Cardinale F.; Cozzolino A.; Granese T.; Albanese D.; Di Matteo M.; Zaccardelli M.; Coppola R.; Nazzaro F.
Polyphenol composition and antioxidant activity of different grass pea (Lathyrus sativus), lentils (Lens culinaris), and chickpea (Cicer arietinum) ecotypes of the Campania region (Southern Italy)

Filomena Nazzaro, Federica Cardinale, Autilia Cozzolino, Tiziana Granese, Florinda Fratianni
Polyphenol Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Different Potentially Functional Kale-Based Snacks

F. Fratianni, F. Cardinale, A. Cozzolino, T. Granese, S. Pepe, R. Riccardi, P. Spigno, R. Coppola, F. Nazzaro
Polyphenol Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Two Autochthonous Brassicaceae of the Campania Region, Southern Italy

Florinda Fratianni, Rosa Pepe, Filomena Nazzaro
Polyphenol Composition, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Quorum Quenching Activity of the “Carciofo di Montoro” (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) Globe Artichoke of the Campania Region, Southern Italy

Costantini S.; Rusolo F.; De Vito V.; Moccia S.; Picariello G.; Capone F.; Guerriero E.; Castello G.; Volpe M.G.
Potential anti-inflammatory effects of the hydrophilic fraction of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) Seed oil on breast cancer cell lines

Palla-Papavlu, Alexandra; Patrascioiu, Adrian; Di Pietrantonio, Fabio; Fernandez-Pradas, Juan-Marcos; Cannata, Domenico; Benetti, Massimiliano; D’Auria, Sabato; Verona, Enrico; Serra, Pere
Preparation of surface acoustic wave odor sensors by laser-induced forward transfer

Federica Cardinale, Florinda Fratianni, Tiziana Granese, Autilia Cozzolino, Ida Russo, Raffaele Coppola, Filomena Nazzaro
Preparazione di un succo di frutta a base di frutti rossi contenente Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii microincapsulato

Filomena Nazzaro, Selenia Pepe, Tiziana Granese, Autilia Cozzolino, Federica Cardinale, Florinda Fratianni
Presence of rocket salad (Eruca sativa)in the medium might affect the growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus and its biological properties

Ahrens, W; Pigeot, I; Pohlabeln, H; De Henauw, S; Lissner, L; Molnar, D; Moreno, L A; Tornaritis, M; Veidebaum, T; Siani, A
Prevalence of overweight and obesity in European children below the age of 10.

Picariello, Gianluca; Ferranti, Pasquale; Garro, Giuseppina; Manganiello, Giorgio; Chianese, Lina; Coppola, Raffaele; Addeo, Francesco
Profiling of anthocyanins for the taxonomic assessment of ancient purebred V. vinifera red grape varieties

Mazzeo M.F.; Cacace G.; Ferriello F.; Puopolo G.; Zoina A.; Ercolano M.R.; Siciliano R.A.
Proteomic investigation of response to forl infection in tomato roots

Russo, Gian Luigi; Russo, Maria; Spagnuolo, Carmela; Tedesco, Idolo; Bilotto, Stefania; Iannitti, Roberta; Palumbo, Rosanna
Quercetin: a pleiotropic kinase inhibitor against cancer

Ricciardi, Annamaria; Ianniello, Rocco Gerardo; Tramutola, Antonella; Parente, Eugenio; Zotta, Teresa
Rapid detection assay for oxygen consumption in the Lactobacillus casei group

Siciliano R.A.; Mazzeo M.F.; Spada V.; Facchiano A.; D’acierno A.; Stocchero M.; De Franciscis P.; Colacurci N.; Sannolo N.; Miraglia N.
Rapid peptidomic profiling of peritoneal fluid by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the identification of biomarkers of endometriosis

Herrmann, D; Intemann, T; Lauria, F; Marild, S; Molnar, D; Moreno, L A; Sioen, I; Tornaritis, M; Veidebaum, T; Pigeot, I; Ahrens, W
Reference values of bone stiffness index and C-terminal telopeptide in healthy European children.

Wolters, M; Schlenz, H; Foraita, R; Galli, C; Rise, P; Moreno, L A; Molnar, D; Russo, P; Veidebaum, T; Tornaritis, M; Vyncke, K; Eiben, G; Iacoviello, L; Ahrens, W
Reference values of whole-blood fatty acids by age and sex from European children aged 3-8 years.

Bel-Serrat S.; Mouratidou T.; Pala V.; Huybrechts I.; Bornhorst C.; Fernandez-Alvira J.M.; Hadjigeorgiou C.; Eiben G.; Hebestreit A.; Lissner L.; Molnar D.; Siani A.; Veidebaum T.; Krogh V.; Moreno L.A.
Relative validity of the Children’s Eating Habits Questionnaire-food frequency section among young European children: The IDEFICS Study

Zotta, Teresa; Ianniello, Rocco Gerardo; Guidone, Angela; Parente, Eugenio; Ricciardi, Annamaria
Selection of mutants tolerant of oxidative stress from respiratory cultures of Lactobacillus plantarum C17

Cammarota G., Laurino C., Pellicano M.P.
Sensory evaluation of different “caciocavallo” typical cheeses.

C. Barbarisi, M. Di Stasio, F. La Cara, M. Nazzaro, F. Siano, R. Coppola, F. Volpe, A. De Mattia, M.G. Volpe
Shelf-life of Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Southern Italy

Rossi, Franca; Di Renzo, Tiziana; Preziuso, Marco; Zotta, Teresa; Iacumin, L.; Coppola, R.; Reale, Anna
Survey of antibiotic resistance traits in strains of Lactobacillus casei/paracasei/rhamnosus

Vastano V.; Salzillo M.; Siciliano R.A.; Muscariello L.; Sacco M.; Marasco R.
The E1 beta-subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase is surface-expressed in Lactobacillus plantarum and binds fibronectin

Russo, Gian Luigi; Russo, Maria; Spagnuolo, Carmela
The pleiotropic flavonoid quercetin: from its metabolism to the inhibition of protein kinases in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Pizzano, Rosa
The Value of Immunochemistry to Food Science

Ciccocioppo R1, Camarca A2, Cangemi GC3, Radano G2, Vitale S2, Betti E3, Ferrari D4, Visai L5, Strada E6, Badulli C7, Locatelli F8, Klersy C9, Gianfrani C2, Corazza GR3.
Tolerogenic effect of mesenchymal stromal cells on gliadin-specific T lymphocytes in celiac disease

Cozzolino R.; De Magistris L.; Saggese P.; Stocchero M.; Martignetti A.; Di Stasio M.; Malorni A.; Marotta R.; Boscaino F.; Malorni L.
Use of solid-phase microextraction coupled to gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for determination of urinary volatile organic compounds in autistic children compared with healthy controls

Tiziana Granese, Federica Cardinale, Autilia Cozzolino, Selenia Pepe, Maria Neve Ombra, Filomena Nazzaro, Raffaele Coppola, Florinda Fratianni
Variation of Polyphenols, Anthocyanins and Antioxidant Power in the Strawberry Grape (Vitis labrusca) after Simulated Gastro-Intestinal Transit and Evaluation of in Vitro Antimicrobial Activity

Olafsdottir, S.; Berg, C.; Eiben, G.; Lanfer, A.; Reisch, L.; Ahrens, W.; Kourides, Y.; Molnar, D.; Moreno, L. A.; Siani, A.; Veidebaum, T.; Lissner, L.
Young children’s screen activities, sweet drink consumption and anthropometry: results from a prospective European study

Elenco Contributi in volume anno 2014

Brighenti F; Acquistucci R; Carcea M; Giacco R; Riccardi G; Sieri S

G. Nocca, V. Carbone, A. Lupi, S. Rengo, G. Spagnuolo
HPLC analytical study of methacrylic monomers released from dental composite materials

Rivellese A.A.; Giacco R.; Bozzetto L.
Principi di nutrizione clinica nelle malattie metaboliche

Elenco Contributi in atti di convegno anno 2014

C. Pagliarulo, R.P. Aquinino, F. Sansone, G. Cammarota, P. Salvatore, S. Moccia, M.G. Volpe.
Antifungal coating for preservation of perishable small fruits

Iacomino G.

Sisto A., De Bellis P., Treppiccione L., Lavermicocca P. and Rossi M.
Cytokine analysis to differenziate immunomodulatory properties of Lactobacillus paracasei strains and for the identification of potentially unsafe strains.

Cammarota G. , Laurienzo P. , Fasulo G. , Di Stasio M. , Volpe M.G.
Effects of apple de-hydration by innovative technologies on the microstructure and olfactory quality

Mazzeo MF, Cacace G, Massarelli I, Grillo MS, Siciliano RA
Proteomics for the elucidation of heat stress response mechanisms in anthers of tomato plants

Mazzeo MF, Lippolis R, Sorrentino A, Liberti S, Federica Fragnito F, Pucci P, Siciliano RA
Studying probiotics – polyphenols interplay by proteomics

Elenco Libri anno 2014

Riccardi G; Giacco A; Giacco R
Un Piatto di Salute Le ricette della tradizione mediterranea

Elenco Report e working Paper anno 2014

Pace B., Cefola M., Baruzzi F., Caputo L., Altomare C., Branà M.T. Logrieco A., Parente A., Di Venere D., Sergio L., Ruocco G.P. Attolico G., Nazzario F., Fratianni F. De Giulio A., Sorrentino A., Cozzolino R. De Giulio B., Malinconico M., Immirzi B., Calandrelli L. Russo R., Santagata G
Progetto PON4a2_F – Tecnologie e modelli operativi per la gestione sostenibile della filiera alimentare attraverso la valorizzazione degli scarti Biologici della produzione a scopi Energetici, la riduzione degli Sprechi Alimentari del sistema distributivo e dei consumatori e il trattamento e la Valorizzazione della frazione Edibile del rifiuto solido urbano) Be&Save. Relazione III SAL.