Rosa Anna Siciliano


Rosa Anna Siciliano


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Short CV

Research Interests

Main research activity of Rosa Anna Siciliano is focused on the development and application of advanced analytical methodologies based on proteomics and mass spectrometry to study food matrices and biological systems of relevant interest in Food Science and Human Health areas.

The objectives of her studies are:

  • the application of proteomics in order to: i) investigate the molecular mechanisms of adhesion and other functional features of probiotics, ii) clarify stress response mechanisms in bacteria used in food processing, ii) elucidate response mechanisms to biotic and abiotic stresses in plants;
  • the development of rapid and reliable molecular profiling strategies based on MALDI-TOF/MS for the identification of food-borne bacteria and the authentication of fresh and transformed food products;
  • the structural characterization of proteins and their post-biosynthetic modified forms using analytical methodologies that integrate classical biochemical protocols to mass spectrometry. In particular, in the recent years, mass spectrometry has been applied to the identification of immunogenic epitopes of gliadins (native or modified by tTGase) and to the definition of site-specific deamidated and/or transamidated residues of gliadins extracted from wheat submitted to an enzymatic detoxification process based on microbial TGase.


Key Publications

  1. Ciarmiello LF, Mazzeo MF, Minasi P, Peluso A, De Luca A, Piccirillo P, Siciliano RA, Carbone V. Analysis of different European hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) cultivars: authentication, phenotypic features, and phenolic profiles. J Agric Food Chem. 2014; 62:6236-46.
  2. Mazzeo MF, Cacace G, Ferriello F, Puopolo G, Zoina A, Ercolano MR, Siciliano RA. Proteomic investigation of response to FORL infection in tomato roots. Plant Physiol Biochem. 2014; 74:42-9.
  3. Mazzeo MF, Bonavita R, Maurano F, Bergamo P, Siciliano RA, Rossi M. Biochemical modifications of gliadins induced by microbial transglutaminase on wheat flour. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013; 1830:5166-74.
  4. Lippolis R, Siciliano RA, Mazzeo MF, Abbrescia A, Gnoni A, Sardanelli AM, Papa S. Comparative secretome analysis of four isogenic Bacillus clausii probiotic strains. Proteome Sci. 2013; 11:28.
  5. Siciliano RA, Mazzeo MF, Arena S, Renzone G, Andrea Scaloni A. Food Research International 2013; 54: Mass spectrometry for the analysis of protein lactosylation in milk products 988–1000
  6. Mazzeo MF, Cacace G, Peluso A, Zotta T, Muscariello L, Vastano V, Parente E, Siciliano RA Effect of inactivation of ccpA and aerobic growth in Lactobacillus plantarum: A proteomic perspective. J Proteomics. 2012; 75:4050-61.
  7. Siciliano RA, Mazzeo MF. Molecular mechanisms of probiotic action: a proteomic perspective Curr Opin Microbiol. 2012; 15:390-6.
  8. Castaldo C., Vastano V., Siciliano R.A., Candela M., Vici M., Muscariello L., Marasco R., Sacco M. Surface displaced alfa-enolase of Lactobacillus plantarum is a fibronectin binding protein. Microb. Cell Fact. (2009) 8, 14.
  9. Mazzeo MF, Giulio BD, Guerriero G, Ciarcia G, Malorni A, Russo GL, Siciliano RA. Fish authentication by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. J. Agric Food Chem. 2008; 56:11071-6.
  10. Gianfrani C, Siciliano RA, Facchiano AM, Camarca A, Mazzeo MF,  Costantini S, Salvati VM, Maurano F, Mazzarella G, Iaquinto G, Bergamo P, Rossi M. Gastroenterology. 2007 133:780-9


Research Group

Research Group: Proteomics and Bimolecular Mass Spectrometry Center

Area: FOOD and OMICS