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Dr.Giuseppe Mazzarella


Istituto di Scienze dell' Alimentazione - CNR
Via Roma, 52 A/C
83100 Avellino - Italy

Piano 3 - Stanza n. 9

Tel. +39 0825 299 391 * Tel. +39 0825 121
Fax +39 0825 299 104


Dr. Giuseppe Mazzarella is researcher at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Council Research, Avellino.
Born in 1964, he graduated with a first-class honours in Biology in 1990 at the University Federico II, Naples, and obtained the Diploma in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry in 1996.
He worked as Research Fellow at the Department of Pediatrics, University Federico II, Naples (Prof. S. Auricchio).
His research interests is on mucosal immunology particularly focussed on the study of the immunopathologicals mechanisms responsible for the permanent intolerance to gliadin in coeliac disease.
He is author of 5 reviews/monographies, 15 original papers and 22 contributions international congresses.
He his a membership of the "Society for Mucosal Immunology" and the "Ceppellini School of Immunology".



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